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Phil serves the clients of Lawson Financial Group as their Financial Coach. There is a guiding philosophy consistently woven throughout the strategies developed for our clients, which is to: help eliminate wealth erosion; recapture...

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Alecia Barnette, CLTC

Long Term Care Specialist



Alecia is the Long Term Care Specialist of Financial Independence Group. In 1995 Alecia began working for The Insurance Center as Health Marketing Director. When The Insurance Center and FIG merged in 1998, Alecia oversaw the...

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Renee started working at Lawson Financial Group in March of 2021 and is responsible for managing the day-to-day office operations and client services for our office. With 11 years of customer service experience, she has always loved...

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Wade Laughey

Vice President of Annuity



Wade is a Vice President of Annuity at Financial Independence Group. He is passionate about understanding the needs of his clients..

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