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Phil Lawson, RICP

Phil serves the clients of Lawson Financial Group as their Financial Coach. There is a guiding philosophy consistently woven throughout the strategies developed for our clients, which is to:

  • help eliminate wealth erosion;
  • recapture wealth currently being given away;
  • create tax-free cash flow to enjoy in retirement; and
  • efficiently pass on a legacy to loved ones.


Welcome to Lawson Financial Group! We help people create a finish line for things called life and money. The things we have figured out about both allow our clients to sleep better, have access to the money they have earned, and be intentional about what they want to do with it! After spending over 30 years in management with a Fortune 50 company and retiring at age 54, it became clear to me that changes needed to be made in my financial life in order to create the future I wanted for my family. In summary, I came to two conclusions:


  • First, the wealth I accumulated during those 30 years were nothing more than numbers on a statement (“statement wealth”) and while I thought I had done fairly well, the truth is that I really wasn’t sure.
  • The second conclusion that I came to was that I was misinformed about how to really create wealth I could access in retirement. I clearly needed to find new strategies that would allow me to build the kind of future I envisioned.

Happily, I’ve done it. And the best part of my story is now being able to help others build their financial futures. Lawson Financial Group has partnered with several very financially sound companies, a dedicated team of experienced advisors, to challenge traditional ways of accumulating wealth and to help educate our clients so they can avoid financial pitfalls. It is truly a unique perspective that the very wealthy are utilizing in this country and you can too!

Phil and his wonderful wife Carol have been married for 38 years and have three grown children and soon-to-be four grandchildren.